How to access contact details by online marketing current contact id

Harold Rodriguez asked on August 22, 2014 03:12

Hi guys,

I would like to access contact management information for a user based on their id.

At the moment if I go to Contact Management -> Contacts I can search by first name, last name, ip address etc etc but there is not an option to search by id.

What I would like to achieve is to generate a url that would take me to the contact's page for a specific user (based on the contactId that I get when using var contactId = OnlineMarketingContext.CurrentContactID).

Thanks Harold

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David Komárek answered on November 19, 2014 16:01

Hi Harold,

unless you would like to customize the User interface or create a special page for this purpose, you can try using a URL in the following format:

Please note that this will not load the entire UI, just the frame with contact information.

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