how do I complete step 4 of kentico 5.5r2 to 6 install

Kristopher Maier asked on May 21, 2014 11:23

I have the instructions but I have tried to run it through the command prompt without success..I would like to do the manual install.

Launch the Kentico Upgrade Utility from the command line with the /deploy parameter and the parameter’s value corresponding to the .NET version your project uses: net20site – web site using .NET version 2.0 net35site – web site using .NET version 3.5 net40site – web site using .NET version 4.0 You can also add the optional /path parameter, which will tell the application where to create the file structure. This way you won’t have to provide the path in the first step of the update process and the step will be skipped. The /path parameter value can be supplied in two different formats – relative, which will represent a folder in the location from which the utility is executed; or absolute, which can be any path to a local disk. Example: Upgrade.exe /deploy=net40site /path=Deploy will launch the Upgrade Utility which will then create a folder named Deploy in the directory from which the utility is executed and copy all files and folders necessary for updating a web project running on .NET version 4.0 into that folder.


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Martin Danko answered on May 26, 2014 07:30

Hello Kristopher,

where exactly is the problem? Are you receiving any error?

Best regards, Martin

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