How can we redirect to other page using newsletter subscription webpart

Prashant Garg asked on August 13, 2015 14:19


I need to redirect other page when subscribed newsletter. I am using newsletter subscription webpart, when clicked at subscription button need to redirect other page.

Thanks, Prashant

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Bryan Soltis answered on August 13, 2015 20:40


The built-in newsletter subscription webpart does not have a redirect ability. You can copy the ascx file (CMSWebParts/Newsletters/NewsletterSubscriptionWEbPart.asx) and create a new web part with the functionality you need. You would need to add your redirect logic to the btnSubmit_Click method after the subscriber is saved to the system.

I would also add a property to the new web part for the redirection URL. That way you can set it when the webpart is added to a page and change it later quickly, if needed.

The document has a good guide for cloning web parts here.

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