How can one trigger a global unsubscribe for a user-submitted email address?

Patrick Taylor asked on October 25, 2016 20:57

I am trying to setup a page on my site that allows users to enter an email address then request that it be unsubscribed from all email communications / added to the 'Newsletter_Unsubscription' table. What is the best way to make this happen?

I've tried to create an 'Unsubscription Request' web part, but I found that it only unsubscribes users from one newsletter. I also tried creating an online form that adds users to a custom 'Form_[SiteName]_New_GlobalUnsubscribe' table that I then use to stage data into the 'Newsletter_Unsubscription' table, but I would prefer to have user data entered directly into the 'Newsletter_Unsubscription' table.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 26, 2016 04:50

No you'd create your own webpart and place it on a page and in your settings you specify where that location of the page with the webpart you created is.

Essentially a high level is you can have a generic unsubscribe link that takes them to that page and enter their email. Then on button click do a look up of all the subscriptions for that email and then remove them. You could also display a checkbox list of subscriptions that email is associated with and let them choose 1 o many and unsubscribe.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 25, 2016 21:06

In your webpart you would do some capturing to get the email and then loop through grab all that email/users subscriptions then unsubscribe them from their subscriptions. The other option is to create a global handler that whenever an unsubscribe comes in you do the same action (look up all subscriptions for that email and unsubscribe the email).

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Patrick Taylor answered on October 25, 2016 22:41

Could you explain some potential methods for unsubscribing those users? Is there a separate web part that I should use for repurposing the form data being captured, or is that a modification to the code behind file for the unsubscription request web part?

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