Hotel Reservation System for Kentico CMS

Andreas Loizou asked on September 15, 2016 15:35


We are looking for a Hotel Room Reservation Engine plugin/extension which can work with Kentico, has anyone of you knows a good working solution? We need a booking engine for one hotel that has 40 rooms of 5 types, is not for multiple hotels.

Thanks a lot

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Laura Frese answered on September 15, 2016 17:59

This is something you may have to have custom made based off your business logic because there are a few different things that may need to happen. If you want to reserve rooms only after someone has given a deposit or paid then you need to send a request to a payment system & get a response before removing one of the available rooms. Will you want guests to be able to have an account to see their reservation information, edit, or cancel? If you dont want to have something custom built then there are a number of hotel booking systems that you might want to look into. ,

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