Hiding the sub menu item from the web application

sailendra kumar asked on April 3, 2017 17:40

Games(root) - Cricket(menu) - Australia(sub-menu page) - England(sub-menu page) - India(sub-menu page) - Football(menu) - Tennis(menu) - volleyball(menu)

After adding Sub menu pages like Australia, England and India these three were also displaying in the webpage.I just want to display CRICKET, FOOTBALL, TENNIS AND VOLLEYBALL in my menu which is in the master page, And also please tell me how to use repeater control for my webpage.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 3, 2017 22:05

There is "show in navigation" checkbox in Properties/Naviation. Unchecked to remove item that you don't want to appear in your navigation Image Text

In addition take a look at Best Practices for Implementing Site Navigation in Kentico

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sailendra kumar answered on April 4, 2017 05:00

Its Hiding! Thank you so much Peter. Can you please also tell me the below question. In the above screen shot that you have shared how the page navigates from Computers --> Tablets while the site is in live (when the "show in navigation" checkbox is unchecked)?

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