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Dmitry Bastron asked on July 19, 2016 07:52

Hi community!

I've created a dynamic newsletter page. This newsletter should be a "private" one so not all users will be able to see it's content. Hence I want newsletter page to be hidden on the site (I mean it to be impossible to reach this page from user's browser). Is it possible?

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Trevor Fayas answered on July 19, 2016 15:26

Kentico has page level security you can apply through Roles or Users specifically to make it where a page is not accessable. That's the first option.

If you need to alter the content on this dynamic newsletter page to sometimes be visible, sometimes not, use a Macro in either the Visibility attribute on a webpart/zone to hide or show based on some logic, or use a macro for the Where condition to use 1 query for one type of user, and another for another type of user (say if the user has some attribute that allows them to see the latest news, you can set the where to pull that in, otherwise set a where condition that will only pull in the news that is not the latest).\

See these articles:

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