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Nicholas Gornall asked on July 22, 2016 01:09


I have an existing Gulp script that I use from the command line to process files for a user. All it requires is for a user to place files amd folders in a specific directory and then enter the "gulp" in the command line. The script will then run the requires process (a mixture of Gulp and NodeJS) and then output the processes files.

I'm wondering if I can integrate this process with Kentico? Is it possible to create and API that will be able to run command line commands?

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Trevor Fayas answered on July 22, 2016 03:16

If it can be done in .net, it can be done with Kentico. Nothing built in though to do what you want it to, save maybe the file uploads which i think there's a webpart that can do that. You would have to either create a custom control that would have to do the logic to execute the command line command, or perhaps a slightly more advanced is you create a form that allows them to upload the files, and then grab the global event for Form Submissions and check for that particular form and handle it, so when they submit the form it will do all the execution (perhaps also sending them the result of the gulp command?)

Vague i know, but i hope this points in the right directly.

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