google xml sitemap not showing some pages

Stephen Moorhouse asked on August 24, 2022 16:55

Hi, we have a site which produces both an html sitemap and google xml sitemap, however some pages are missing on the xml sitemap.

The two pages are and (an example of missing pages are the blog posts).

We have tried ticking / un-ticking the 'Show in sitemap' option under Navigation. We have also tried adding ClassNames="*; Custom.Type" to googlesitemap.aspx.cs as recommended in but can not get blog and other pages to appear in the google xml sitemap

The kentico version is v8.2.29

we are using Google Sitemap (XML Sitemap) (Web part)


Correct Answer

Juraj Ondrus answered on August 25, 2022 07:51

You need to list all the pages types with their full names. And also, you need to ensure the "tree structure" - in the google sitemap I do not see the "Blog" page - it has to be enabled for sitemap and also its page type has to be covered by the google sitemap web part. Otherwise, if the parent node is not listed, there is no place where to put its child nodes.

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