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Anthony Critchley asked on December 29, 2017 17:08


I was wondering if anyone can help.

When we add pdf documents for download from our website, we seem to have a large URL string, which isn't particularly Google friendly, such as :


With the example above, how would it be possible so the URL read? :


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Trevor Fayas answered on December 29, 2017 20:01

If you use the attachments, for the most part it needs that long url so it can find the right attachment data.

An option is to store the PDF in the media library instead, so you can control the path, you do lose the ability to index the file content with that though.

Other option is to store the file as a file object on the tree, CMS.file, this way you can point to the node on the tree and it will give the file itself.

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Anthony Critchley answered on January 3, 2018 18:31

Thanks Trevor for the quick answer

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