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Jacob Butler asked on August 24, 2017 11:15

To give a bit of back background, I needed to create a modal popup window that could be added to all or individual pages. I have achieved this by creating a content only page type per pop-up which sets the content. I've then created a custom webpart and corresponding widget that allows you to select the particular pop-up you want to display.

This issue I'm having is getting the widget to display on the required pages. I thought if I could have a Widget Zone on the Master that's editable across all pages, this would nicely solve my issue, but it doesn't appear to be possible.

Any approaches or possible options to archive this would be appreciated.


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Rui Wang answered on August 24, 2017 16:48

Jacob, things on the master page can only be modified directly on master page, unless you are doing thing though code.

My suggestion is add your custom web part to the master page. Then add a Page Selector data field to all your other page types. For the pages that need to show the popup, editor can go to Form tab and select a "pop up" page type page. As for your custom web part on the master page, set it's visible to depend on if that field of the CurrentPage is empty or not. Then you can get the page node from that field and pass to your web part to generate the HTML for popup.

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