Global Products with Site Specific Pricing

Steven Adams asked on July 9, 2014 16:54

I have two e-commerce sites running in the same install of Kentico v8 that need to share global products. The pricing for products on one site needs to differ from the other. Is there a way to have global products with site specific pricing, or is the only solution to have separate products for each site?

The use case behind this is having separate sites with separate domains that share products. One site displays retail prices to public users and the other is for wholesale members only. The client maintains these as two separate sites with different branding, but the products are the same. The wholesale site also only displays pricing to authenticated users.

Any guidance you could offer would be appreciated.

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Michal Kadák answered on July 16, 2014 16:23


Best practice is to customize the SKUInfoProvider.GetSKUPriceInternal method. There is a nice example how to return different price for different culture in our Code Samples. You can do the same thing for different sites. You can add new fields into SKUInfo class (eq SiteAPrice, SiteBPrice) to store additional data. Please see CustomSKUInfoProvider in Code Samples.

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