Give user permission to add page to specific branch of website

Rita Mikusch asked on January 20, 2023 19:37

kentico version: 12sp mvc

I'd like to give user ExampleUser create/edit/delete ability for a specific branch of the website. To do that, I'm creating a role ExampleRole that has created/edit/delete ability for that specific branch of the website.

Everything works EXCEPT this ExampleUser can't create new pages :(.

ExampleRole specifics: * no PageType permissions; * MODULE CONTENT permissions: READ, BROWSE only; * Set ACL permissions on content branch where the user will create/edit/delete content: allow modify, allow create, allow delete

ExampleUser specifics: * member of ExampleRole;

What works: * ExampleUser can edit and delete existing pages only in that section of the website.

What DOES NOT work: * ExampleUser CANNOT create pages anywhere, but I want them to be able to create pages in that section of the website. Gets a "You don't have permission to create pages" error messages.

I can't figure out why ExampleUser can't create pages in this section of the website. I must be missing something here!

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Not Applicable answered on January 28, 2023 23:27

For your problem with users needing access to multiple branches, you also need to assign 'create' permissions for the allowed page types. This allows the user to create pages of these types only for which they also have 'create' permissions on page level. Without any page type permissions set, creating is effectively denied. In contrast, the 'create anywhere' page type permission allows creation for the entire content tree.

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 20, 2023 19:49

Will that user only have edit access to that particular node and all of the children? Or will they need access to a separate node at the same level or higher and all their children too?

I asked this because the singular setup is already enabled out of the box. On the user's record, if you define the starting path to a path in the content tree, it will only display and allow them to edit that node and the children of that node.

If you want to restrict to two separate notes then you need to use rolls and permissions.

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Rita Mikusch answered on January 20, 2023 19:55

Hi Brenden,

I didn't realize you could restrict a user to only see a particular branch of the content tree! That's awesome!

Though I do have some users that need to access multiple branches of the content tree, so the original problem with roles and permissions still stands. But this info you've just given me will be perfect for some other users I'll be setting up!

Thank you.

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Rita Mikusch answered on January 30, 2023 19:09

Thank you, Marcel, that fixed the problem! I gave the user create ability for specific page types, then they were able to create pages in the specific parts of the page tree for which I gave them create ability using the ACLs.

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