Getting Group ID in transformation

Bob Haring asked on June 1, 2015 15:39

I have run into a little snag. I have a intranet setup and a few workgroups with members in them. Currently I have a transformation where I want to display the role a member has within the workgroup. I can get the role by doing a query but I need to have the current groupID to get the the correct role within the workgroup. I'm doing this in a custom transformation method.

The query looks like this

RoleID IN (SELECT RoleID FROM CMS_UserRole WHERE UserID = {0}) AND RoleGroupID = {1}

{1} is the userID which I get by doing a simple Eval("UserID") {2} is supposed to be the the GroupID.

All I need is to get the current GroupID, does anybody know how?

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Bob Haring answered on June 3, 2015 13:20

For those who run into this issue. This was solved by getting the groupid by using CommunityContext

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Sherry Collins answered on June 24, 2015 20:59

Bob can you share your code. I am having the same issue and cannot get CommunityContext to work in my transformation. thanks.

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