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David Pearson asked on June 8, 2015 19:35

I have some repeating simple banner codes (a link image) that will appear on different pages in the footer. In the old CMS I use a function called Generic Content that would allow me to selected shared html code for the banners. I look at using the editable text, but did no see a way to share copy with other pages.

The idea is to created a couple of link images or copy once and share it for use on other pages.

Thanks David

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David Pearson answered on June 8, 2015 19:51

I found a solution. It is a little bloated compare to the other way, but gives me more options. Banner Rotator.

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Trevor Fayas answered on July 17, 2015 16:53


I have a possible easier/better solution, and i've used it in a number of applications.

Simply create two basic templates (same Zone), one Inherits the master (Editor), one inherits nothing (Stripped).

Then use a Repeater to select that page (or pages), using the following Transformation, this pulls in JUST the content onto the page, thus allowing you to use Widgets and WebParts and create 'shareable' content! I use it in Mega menus and other items.

<%@ Register Src="~/CMSWebParts/General/pageplaceholder.ascx" TagName="pageholder" TagPrefix="uc1" %> <uc1:pageholder runat='server' ID='ShareableContentPlaceholder' PageTemplate='TheStrippedTemplateCodeName' Path='<%# Eval("NodeAliasPath") %>'/>

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