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Josh Taylor asked on December 11, 2014 16:56

I have an existing site with several "Rich Text" widgets that are based on the "Static HTML" web part, which placed on various pages. I just upgraded the site to Kentico 8, and the full WYSIWYG editor seems to be gone from these widgets and I am only getting the basic set of options. Is there a way to specify which toolbar shows up for this widget/web part? Supposedly you can change it on the "Editable Text" web part, but I don't see any options for the Static HTML web part. Thank you in advance.

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Virgil Carroll answered on December 11, 2014 18:05


Check out Brendan's answer here http://devnet.kentico.com/questions/source-button-missing-from-wysiwyg-toolbar-after-upgrade-to-8-1

With Version 8 the WSIWYG defaults to a watered down version of functions. I think this was because most of us modified the default to a watered down version because we are trying to keep content editors in a more ocntrolled content environment.

Hope that helps.

Tx, Virgil

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