Formatting tag names (i.e. superscript/italicizing) with tag selector

Jon White asked on October 13, 2014 16:49

Hi there,

I need to add tags to a site but the tags need to have formatting for species names and science related bits such as italicized text and subscript (for CO2).

I wanted to use the tag selector control to pick the tags but i can't see how the inputted text can be formatted, if i use an HTML area it stores the tag but with the CO2 in full.

Does anyone know a workaround or if this is feasible?

Thank you Jon

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 16, 2014 14:32


I think the best approach for this is to clone the tag cloud webpart and during the rendering of each item you'd have to perform your formatting per tag. You could create a binding/linking table that has a tag bound with a style. Then when rendering you can apply it based on the lookup you find. I've done similar with the tag cloud webpart before and creating friendly urls vs. url ID parameters.

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