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Petr Nejedly asked on February 1, 2021 11:37


I would like to use the form field visibility condition feature. For example, I have a form rendered on page and I want to show a "Where did you hear about us" Radio buttons form field only if another field has a certain value (e.g. Country == "Czech Republic").

I set up the condition on the Radio buttons field (Visible if "some field" equals "some value") and now I need to make a front-end app aware of these visibility conditions.

When iterating through the List of FormField items, there is a VisibilityConditionConfigurationXmlData property containing the following XML for the "RadioButtonsWhere" (that is the name I used for my field) form field:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <CompareToValue>Czech Republic</CompareToValue>

That is almost what I need, except I don't need the DependeeFieldGuid, I need something like DependeeFieldName.

Is there a way how can I translate the DependeeFieldGuid to Field Name, please?

Kind regards,


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Dmitry Bastron answered on February 1, 2021 13:17

Hi Petr,

You can resolve this guid into field name from CMS_Class table 9which stores all Kentico object's definition). Query something like:

select *
from CMS_Class
where ClassName = 'Form.Class.Name'

And check out ClassFormDefinition field.

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Petr Nejedly answered on February 1, 2021 13:19

Hi Dmitry, thank you very much! All the best, Petr

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