Form field caption - what does it take to make it HTML?

Alexey Sidelnikov asked on February 24, 2014 18:32

Basically I have standard form built in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Forms. I figured out how to create it, use custom CSS classes and so on. So basically the webpage now looks exactly as I need to - with one exception. We have a question on the form:

Do you currently have auto insurance? [__DROP_DOWN_WITH_VALUES v]

and client does insist that "currently" should be bold. What's the easiest way to achieve this?

Disclaimer - I have 10+ years in .Net/ASP.Net but just started with Kentico a week ago. We use portal engine as the site is rather simple. I would really appreciate an answer for "newbee".

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Richard Sustek answered on February 25, 2014 01:00


Thank you for your message.

If this is just a field name and the input displayed on the live site it can be changed very easily. Right were you defined your form (Tools-> Forms) go to Form tab and check Use custom form layout. On this page you can define how the form will look like. You can use html tags, javascript and anything else just like a normal page.

Kind regards, Richard Sustek

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Thai Tran answered on February 24, 2014 21:00

Hi Alexey

You can enter HTML in the field caption. For example, "Do you currently have auto insurance?".


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