Form control autopost back in kentico 12

lokendra jain asked on May 11, 2020 18:31

Hi Team,

I am using Kentico CMS 12 MVC development model. I am having a requirement to show some conditional checkboxes. So I am using Kentico CMS checkbox form control and using Visibility condition: property of that form control to show and hide. The checkbox form control is working fine its showing as per my requirements.

There is only one issue that is when selecting any of the checkbox the page is getting postback.

Is there anyway to stop the post when selecting the checkbox?



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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 12, 2020 07:23

There is no setting for this and the post back is required so the two controls can exchange the information. If you do not want to have this, you can try using a custom layout for the editing form - either by using an alternative form or fully custom aspx page ("Editing pages settings" properties and you will set your custom page here) and use Ajax Update panel there or, the recommended solution would be creating a custom form control - this custom control will consist of multiple checkboxes and in the selection changed events you will be handling the behavior you want.

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