Form builder client side validation is not working

Sujith S B asked on February 23, 2016 07:48


I am a beginner in Kentico development. I created a new Form and make some fields as 'Required'. When I accessing the form from my website the client side validation is not working. When I click on the submit button the page getting refreshed with out checking the client side validation.

Is there any settings that I have missed to setting up? Could you please help me.

Thanks and Best Regards, Sujith

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 24, 2016 01:01

If you're using the out of the box automatic form design it will post back and you'll see the page refresh with those errors. Any click of the button will perform a post back because thats what ASP.NET does. The validation will happen once the user accesses and leaves the field. You can always check the box to have an update panel wrapped around it.

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piyush kothari answered on March 24, 2016 11:09

What do you suggest is the best way to implement client side validations?

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