Form autocomplete service - not working in iOS

David McCormick asked on April 28, 2018 14:23


We have configured an autocomplete web service on a text input. This is working perfectly fine on desktop browsers (Win 10: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11) and also Android, it is returning the expected results instantly as you type. However for iOS devices you have to start typing, backspace and then start type again before any results are shown.

Both min prefix length and completion interval are set to "1", with results displayed set as "10".

Kentico version is 10.0.6334.

Any ideas how to fix this please?

Thanks Ashley

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 4, 2018 13:30

It looks like the issue is in the Ajax control toolkit - as described in this thread

Could you pelase try setting the completition interval value to a higher number? E.g. 1000ms?

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