Forbidden Character Error when Exporting Site

Dan McDevitt asked on July 19, 2017 15:14

I'm trying to export our production site for import on a test environment, but I get the following error:

Error exporting objects. Message: [SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList] Forbidden character ',' is not supported in collection of values. (full trace below)

A second error message seems to indicate that the problem is coming from Forum User Favorites: @@Error getting 'Forum user favorites' data Message: [SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList] Forbidden character ',' is not supported in collection of values.

But we aren't using Forums and the table Forums_UserFavorites is completely empty.

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how I can bypass this error and successfully export my site.

Full Trace: Message: [SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList] Forbidden character ',' is not supported in collection of values.

Exception type: System.NotSupportedException Stack Trace: at CMS.DataEngine.SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList(IEnumerable values) at CMS.DataEngine.SqlHelper.ParseList(String method, IEnumerable values, QueryDataParameters parameters) at CMS.DataEngine.SelectCondition.PrepareWhereCondition(String usedColumn, String method, String columnName, IEnumerable values, Boolean negation) at CMS.DataEngine.SelectCondition.PrepareCondition[T](String columnName, ICollection`1 values, Boolean negation) at CMS.CMSImportExport.SiteExportSettings.EnsureAutomaticSelection(GeneralizedInfo infoObj, Boolean siteObjects) at CMS.CMSImportExport.ExportProvider.GetExportData(SiteExportSettings settings, String objectType, Boolean siteObjects, Boolean childData, Boolean selectionOnly, TranslationHelper th) at CMS.CMSImportExport.ExportProvider.ExportObjectType(SiteExportSettings settings, TranslationHelper th, String objectType, Boolean siteObjects) at CMS.CMSImportExport.ExportProvider.ExportObjectsData(SiteExportSettings settings) at CMS.CMSImportExport.ExportManager.Export(Object parameter)

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 19, 2017 15:36

If you're simply exporting because you don't want to copy the database backwards, you're better off copying the database IMHO. If you're exporting the site to test the export/import functionality, then by all means go ahead.

To resolve this you can go through the list of objects and unselect the forums if you're not using them. In fact, I highly recommend NOT selecting the default that Kentico has and only selecting the items needed or wanted. Run through that scenario and report back with your findings.

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