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Ashutosh Pandey asked on September 16, 2020 12:49

I'm working on Kentico 10. I need to know which table/column contains the image uploaded by user. (I think it is a GUID) Is there a way by which I can read image guid directly from table?

I tried CMS_User => UserSettings => CMS_Avatar

I got the column AvatarFileName. Should I use file path + file name directly?

I wanted to use: /CMSPages/GetAvatar.aspx?avatarguid= but couldn't find where this guid is stored. CMS_Avatar => AvatarGUID does not work.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 16, 2020 15:06

The field in which you're looking for is the CMS_UserSettings.UserAvatarID (int) It stores the primary key value from the CMS_Avatar table. You'd need to get the CMS_Avatar.AvatarGUID based on that UserAvatarID to be able to use the GetAvatar() handler.

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