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Gopala Padibandla asked on July 8, 2016 00:54

Hi there, I am having problems in uploading CSS file under Media Libraries -> Stylesheets.

I am getting an error message saying "The media file with path 'stylesheets/bootstrap-min.css' already exists in the database. Copy the file to the file system manually or delete the file from the database and perform the upload again."

My question is I would like to know why this happens. Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks, Gopala

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 8, 2016 01:09

I'm guessing that there are already files in your file system with that name. If you're using Azure this could mean you have a file in blob storage and one in storage on your physical server. Sometimes you'll find an orphaned record in the database as well.

To fix it verify there isn't a file already in the file system AND make sure there isn't an orphaned database record in the database.

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