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Development Support asked on June 26, 2014 16:42

This is only in Kentico 8, i open the .sln file that Kentico creates, and as i start to work, continually i'm given "The Project 'CMS' has been modified outside the environment." with options to reload or ignore. It happens like every 10-15 seconds, interrupting intellisense and my coding.

Any idea what changed that it's continually prompting this?

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Bill Tran answered on June 27, 2014 09:19

This is a Visual Studio issue. Do you have a background service or anything running that may be modifying files within the project directory? Do you have two instances of Visual Studio with the same CMS project open?

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Michal Vrána answered on November 10, 2014 16:21

We had the same issue. Website project. It was triggered by build of our custom assemblies, which somehow triggered also a build of CMSApp_MVC project. You could unload or probably delete the CMSApp_MVC project if you don't need it.

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