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Cuong Nguyen asked on August 4, 2017 05:33

Hi everyone,

I have a News module on my website, it contains 2 main pages: news list and news detail. In news list page, there're 2 repeaters: news list at main section and feature posts at sidebar. In news detail page, it display content of news at main section and still have feature posts repeater at sidebar.

The problem is when I go to news detail page, the feature posts repeater only shows 1 news (current news detail) if current news is marked as Feature, otherwise no data found. That means datasource of Feature posts repeater has been filtered by selected news.

How can I have a separate repeater that doesn't affected by selected item of news list repeater? Thanks.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 4, 2017 06:01

I'm the sidebar repeater make sure there is no selected transformation AND set the path to /news/% or /{0}/%. The latter will get the first mode in the path and return it's value. So it you're in the /news page it will return news. Of you're in the /about page it will return about.

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