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Eric Erskine asked on February 21, 2017 23:22

I'm trying to set up the autopost from Kentico to Facebook. I have created the app but keep getting rejected by Facebook when trying to approve the permissions. Following the suggestions in this post ( link text) I have created a screencast that shows a user logging into the admin section and setting up a page and viewing the Insights data. This was rejected with the comment: "Your screencast doesn't show how this permission is used in your app"

What am I missing? I understand Facebook keeps changing their policy but this is getting ridiculous.

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 21, 2017 23:25

I've given up on the auto-post to Facebook simply because of all the changes they keep making to Facebook API. I simply create a post manually now in Facebook. It's a big PITA but it works.

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