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Ayoub Ag. asked on September 29, 2014 20:56


When i import a zip from my Dev-1 environment containing a document type with some sql queries to an other environment Dev-2, this environment (Dev-2)contains already the same document type but with other sql queries. the problem is on Dev-2's document type steel contain the old sql queries plus the new ones.

What i understand is : Exporting an object from an environment to an other, should overwrite the existing object on the target environment.

My question: Is there any step to add to my import or export process to get an identical object as the imported one? or if there is any hot fixe to add to my kentico? i'm following the steps on this doc site DevNet

i'm using Kentico v 7.0.95.


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Brenden Kehren answered on September 29, 2014 21:38

Your understandings are correct, it will overwrite the existing object. You'd have to manually edit the xml files after you exported the doc type. If you have question about the content or data for each object, I'd suggest comparing the test and live site object side by side and copy any needed items out from live back to test.

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