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Lindsay Remington asked on July 9, 2019 18:07

I am looking to export my product catalog (Excel or CSV) - including SKU, description, availability, image URL, price, etc.

Is there a place in Kentico where I can create this export?

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 9, 2019 19:42

To get those details, typically no. You can try to go to Ecommerce > Products and on the grid listing of products, click the hamburger menu and go to Advanced Export. I don't know if this will give you 100% of what you want though. Best bet is to create a SQL query and run that SELECT statement. You could even create it as a Report in Kentico and export that list. I believe to get the simple SKU listing, you can use something like:


If you want to link that to the custom fields for your page type, then you need to do some joining to the CMS_Tree and CMS_Document tables as well as your custom page type table(s).

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on July 9, 2019 20:07

It really depends on your store set up. Technically you might as well go to reporting application:

All Reports -> E-Commerce -> Products -> Inventory

and look at the inventory report as a starting point. I would copy the SQL query from there and modify it for my own purpose and create my own report. You can export this report to Excel, CSV etc. (just click the right button on the report and select the format)

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