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Mr Dam asked on March 4, 2015 05:20

I don't know how to execute query statement in kentico. I used ExecuteQuery of ConnectionHelper to run stored procedure and success, but it can not run with query statement. Please help me soon. Thanks!

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 4, 2015 14:17

Also, have you looked into the following articles? Reason I ask is because there are a lot of other ways to access data through the API without having to create custom SQL database objects. I personally take advantage of page type queries. I'll create a query in there even if it is only SELECT * FROM External_Table1 WHERE ##WHERE## ORDER BY ##ORDERBY## or EXEC SP_Name param1. This way it leaves the code open for me to edit in the UI and access easily in code without having to change the C# code if the query changes

http://devnet.kentico.com/articles/kentico-8-technology-dataquery https://docs.kentico.com/display/K8/Working+with+database+queries+in+the+API

This code should get you going in the right direction:

QueryDataParameters parameters = new QueryDataParameters();
parameters.AddGuid("@ItemGuid", Guid);
GeneralConnection cn = ConnectionHelper.GetConnection();
QueryParameters qp = new QueryParameters("DELETE " + customTable.ClassTableName + " WHERE ItemGUID =    @ItemGuid", parameters, QueryTypeEnum.SQLQuery, false);
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Charles Matvchuk answered on March 4, 2015 05:28

Where are you trying to execute the query ? What are you exactly trying to do ?

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Mr Dam answered on March 4, 2015 13:04 (last edited on March 4, 2015 13:04)

Thanks Charles. example: I want to run "select F1, F2, F3 from Table where ID = @id" so how do I execute this query by ConnectionHelper?

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Richard Sustek answered on March 10, 2015 11:25

Hi all,

To Brenden's response I would add that it is recommended to use a ConnectionHelper class to run custom queries. In some cases its possible to have SQL deadlocks. To answer the initial question - to run a simple SQL query use this code:

DataSet ds = ConnectionHelper.ExecuteQuery("select * from CMS_User", null, QueryTypeEnum.SQLQuery);

Kind regards,

Richard Sustek

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