Excluding content from Smart Search when contained in web parts with visibility only to certain role

Jason S asked on January 5, 2016 01:58

When setting visibility on an editable text web part such that the web part is only visible to users in certain roles (CMS Editors, for example), is there a way to configure the Smart Search index to exclude this content?

What I've seen in v9.x is that the Smart Search indexes and displays content to anonymous users that is inside of editable text web parts whose visibility is restricted to specific roles.

I know that page permissions can be checked in the search results web part, but I'm curious if Smart Search is smart enough to be able to not index content in role-restricted web parts.



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Roman Hutnyk answered on January 5, 2016 03:18

Smart Search index is role independent: it should index all the content as the one, who is authorized to see it, could search for it. You can adjust index content, see https://docs.kentico.com/display/K82/Customizing+the+content+of+search+indexes

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Jason S answered on January 5, 2016 15:59


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have opened a support case with Kentico to help determine if this is a bug or just me misinterpreting the docs.

Here's the scenario:

1) Editable text web part set on page with visibility restrictions set to specific roles and a requirement that the user be authenticated.

2) Page Crawler search index so to index pages and operate under the context of the Public Anonymous User

3) Search results web part set to display results using this Page Crawler index

When performing a search, the smart search results web part outputs content in the search results that is inside of the visibility-restricted web part. Based on my read of the documentation, the crawler should not index this content since the Public Anonymous user is not in one of the allowed visibility groups.

Perhaps the user restriction of the crawler only applies at the page level, not specific web parts?



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Mark Handy answered on March 8, 2016 18:42

Hi Jason,

Do you have any further information on this? I'm about to set up the search indexes, and i too have pages and webparts that have role restrictions.


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Mark Handy answered on March 8, 2016 18:47

This may help: https://docs.kentico.com/display/K8/Searching+according+to+document+permissions

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