Event Calendar based on QueryString value

joyanta sen asked on July 11, 2018 01:05

Hi, I am using Event Calendar in a web part which is bound to CMS.BokingEvent page type. Now I need to display the events in the Calendar based on some search criteria value which is present in the query string. Those values are present in different modules which has a relationship with the BookingEvent PageType. For ex: I have 2 Page types, BookingEvent and SessionEvent and SessionEvent is a child of the BookEvent Page Type.They have 1 to Many relationship. BookingEvent page type contain the Name of the Event and SessionEvent Page type contain the location of each session under that Event.

Now If I search by Location, it should give me the Event which has Sessions on that location.

Can I achieve this with the default Event Calendar or I need to clone it and bind with datasource, which has the actual data based on the querystring value? Or there is other way to achieve this?

Relationships are like below:

SessionEvent Page type has BookingEventID and LcoationID

Thanks, Joyanta

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