Errors after upgrade Kentico 13 hotfix 48

Mr Who asked on October 28, 2021 10:28


I've upgraded Kentico 13 hotfix 47 to Kentico 13 hotfix 48. I got an errors in log after. Could you check this screenshot please?

What I need to do? Do I just need to rename the files with the .new extension (without this extension), and delete the current ones? Or maybe something else?

I'm actually running into a lot of issues after upgrading from version 12 to version 13. The key functionality and some widgets just don't work. The main page can't scroll down due to incorrect operation of the page builder. I really hope for your help.

Thank you so much!

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 29, 2021 07:54

If you are sure you have not modified those files, then overwrite the old ones with the new ones. Maybe just their time stamp was changed by some source control or maybe anti-virus. But if you are not sure, I would compare those files, check the project documentation to see if these files were customized and why and what was changed.

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David te Kloese answered on October 29, 2021 15:00

Make sure to follow all steps while applying the hotfix.

You mention you had issues from upgrading 12 to 13? It is not recommended to ignore those errors and continue with applying hotfixes. It might be something that's only solvable by rolling back your upgrade and DB and start over the process.

Make sure you follow all the steps in the upgrade process.

Some of the pagebuilder issues could be caused by something like IIS caching, macro signing but also wrong urls, or permissions between the domains.

Can you share the errors you got from 12 -> 13? Did you get an upgrade succesfull event log message?

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