Error when trying to delete page on content tree

Wei Wang asked on March 10, 2021 16:44


I got this error when trying to delete a page from the content tree: Failed to delete the page: [DataConnection.HandleError]: Query: Proc_CMS_VersionHistory_RemoveDependencies Caused exception: The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'Proc_CMS_VersionHistory_RemoveDependencies', database 'xxxxxx', schema 'dbo'.

Not sure why?

We are on Kentico 11.0.48 portal engine.

thanks, Wei Wang

Recent Answers

Juraj Ondrus answered on March 11, 2021 06:31 (last edited on March 11, 2021 06:31)

Does the user account used in the connection string have sufficient permissions on the SQL server forgiven DB?

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