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Roberto Sato asked on March 18, 2016 23:49

I am getting the following error when trying to save a new page: What could be causing this problem?


An error occurred when saving data. Please see event log for more details. Message: [TreeNode.InsertInternal]: The DocumentName value is not specified.

Exception type: System.Exception Stack Trace: at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeNode.InsertInternal(TreeNode parent) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeNode.Insert(TreeNode parent, Boolean useDocumentHelper) at CMS.DocumentEngine.DocumentHelper.InsertDocument(TreeNode node, TreeNode parentNode, TreeProvider tree, Boolean allowCheckOut) at CMS.FormControls.CMSForm.SaveDataInternal() at CMS.FormControls.BasicForm.SaveData(String redirectUrlAfterSave, Boolean showChangesSaved) at CMS.FormControls.CMSForm.DocumentManager_OnSaveData(Object sender, DocumentManagerEventArgs e) at CMS.FormControls.CMSAbstractManager`2.RaiseSaveData(EventArgsType args) at CMS.FormControls.CMSDocumentManager.SaveDocumentInternal(String actionContext)

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 19, 2016 05:05 (last edited on March 19, 2016 05:06)

It says the Document Name value is not specified, perhaps (just a guess) you set a field in the form as the DocumentName and put something like a blank text or a space or something in it?

I would check your page type and see where the DocumentName field is being derived from...

If you can screen shot your page before you save and also get us the Page Type's "Field" info, that would help!

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