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Michael Legacy asked on July 24, 2023 19:49

Hey all, I'm having an issue with one of my indexes. I have a job that runs separate from the site that imports a list of Jobs into a client's site. These get imported into a custom table. That custom table was then used to create a search index. For years now this has worked just fine. Lately, i've been getting the following error in the "Index Tasks" list:

Error while processing index JobsIndex: An error occurred while obtaining the index writer. This may be caused by a fatal error or index corruption. Consider rebuilding the index if the problem persists.

I've restarted the CMS and MVC site multiple times to no avail. Since this site is running only one frontend MVC app, I've switched to the Manual web farm mode just to eliminate that as a possible issue as well (there were many non-responding web farms in auto mode for some reason).

I can rebuild the indexes manually just fine. Since this importer runs multiple times a day, I do not want to rely on the Kentico Scheduled Task that rebuilds indexes every few hours as my only option for keeping these up-to-date. I would like these tasks to be run successfully as they have been for years now. I'm coming here as my last resort, I've tried everything I know.

Hopefully someone can help, thanks!

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 25, 2023 15:48

Theres a good chance the index has been corrupted somehow. I'd suggest manually deleting the physical index files on the server, attempt a manual rebuild of the index, then ensure the optimize index scheduled task is enabled.

Technically speaking, if your task that runs to import data from another system into a custom table is executing, the index should be triggered assuming the cache key is broken since the data has changed. What I'd do is manually trigger an update to that index after the import succeeds in your import code.

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