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Gabriel Avila asked on March 27, 2017 16:14

I'm Upgrading an old Kentico install from version 5.5R2 to 10. I'm already up at version 9 but while removing the obsoleted WebParts. I'm facing the following error when I select a Webpart so to determine if it's being used somewhere before deletion.

HandleAspxPageDialog is not defined.

I've followed all the Upgrade instructions version to version and so far it has worked but now I'm stuck here.

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 27, 2017 17:42

In this case you might ask yourself if upgrading 7 versions is worth the effort vs. starting with a new website and manually moving the content over.

To get back to your question, you might want to check the release notes for 7, 8, 9 and 10 if you haven't already. There are several webparts which were removed and there are some instructions on how to get those webparts back if you need them. It sounds like the files are missing in your install so it's causing an error.

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Gabriel Avila answered on March 29, 2017 15:27

After checking all the documents for each upgrade performed. I'm at the same spot. The error I'm facing is essentially while trying to actually remove the WebParts after Kentico v9.0 upgrade. I've also noted that after starting up the v9.0 upgraded code deployed for the first time the automatic procedure that should occur only once which will create the database objects and such is not running.

I believe my problem relies on the database given that I've searched the entire codebase for the definition of the missing javascript function (HandleAspxPageDialog) and was not able to find anything. I guess that it is somewhere in the database as a virtual object but its not being loaded at runtime. Is there some sort of document that will explain the database tables schema, so as to understand where things are located and possibly fix the error inducing data?

I'm also trying the new Kentico 10 install approach and move everything there, but I'm facing a different set of build errors on Visual Studio while converting the code to version 10. Given its 7 versions to go trough its basically the same thing as upgrading one version at a time because all the changes are listed incrementally by version, hence I got to upgrade the code one version at a time.

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