Error asking to call IPageDataContextInitializer.Initialize method only on cloud host

Mike Young asked on May 15, 2021 04:50

I'm having a problem where my site runs perfectly locally but when I deploy it to Azure I get the following error on the homepage:

InvalidOperationException: Missing page context data. If required use IPageDataContextInitializer.Initialize method to initialize the context manually. For POST actions use HtmlHelper extension method Html.Kentico().PageData() to persist the page context.

I am using content tree based routing which works fine locally and from what I understand content tree routing doesn't require manual initialization for context. I've even set Azure as a dev environment in the config so it matches the same startup routine as my localhost. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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David te Kloese answered on May 17, 2021 14:51


Is this a project you have upgraded from an earlier version?

I've seen this error when old DLL's where not removed on the target in Azure. Try removing everything and do a clean deployment.

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Mike Young answered on May 17, 2021 23:39

Thank you David! That did the trick.

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