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steve reinders asked on March 10, 2017 16:24

We're in heathcare and are looking for a std design to display urgent/emergency message on a website. For instance, "Phone system is down, please email", "Snow emergency, please call before your appointment ", etc.

Does Kentico have a std design enabling this functionality ? We're thinking it s/b site wide, prominent but not obtrusive , and doesn't go away (can't click away a pop-up).

It would be good if someone other than a content editor, could place these type of messages. Maybe send an email that would be picked up. Although expiration would have to be worked out.


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Brenden Kehren answered on March 10, 2017 17:39

This scenario can be done out of the box.

Create a new page type called "Notification". Give it 3 fields:

  • NotificationText
  • NotificationStartDate
  • NotificationEndDate

After you save it go to Pages and add an new Folder under the master page called "Notifications". Use a blank page for a template. On the template, add a new Contribution List webpart. Configure it so someone can add a new Notification.

On your master page template, find a place to put your notifications and add a repeater webpart in that place. In the repeater configure it to look in the /notifications node and look for the "notifications" page type you just created. Also add a transformation so it displays that notification. Assuming you will only have one active notification at a time, set the TOPN to 1.

This should get you want you're looking for. If you wanted to add some additional workflow to when someone submits a new notification, create a new workflow specific to the /notifications node and have it email the appropriate people when someone submits a new one.

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Zach Perry answered on March 10, 2017 16:39

Not being able to click the notification away would all be part of your front end styling. If you want it to display on every page, I would add the design to the master page.

I would advise against doing something that anyone can set the notification, like an email, because then you are setting yourself up for someone finding out how to do it, and just changing your message whenever they want. If you want people that don't have access to the admin site to be able to set it, I would create a page that requires authentication, only allow certain people access to that page via role or membership, Then create a maybe a form or a custom webpart that would set the message. Probably do a site setting with a message and display end date, then just use a macro to display a webpart in the master page.

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