email campaigns and newsletters being sent unprompted

Diana Nohelová asked on February 12, 2024 16:20

Hi, we just had 5 of our email campaigns (both campaigns and newsletters) send out duplicites of already sent emails. All we did was update our contact groups, otherwise nothing was done. We decided to temporarily remove our DNS file so that the website no longer has permission to send out emails from our domain. But we are kind of appalled. There is no apparent scheduling set - there is not even the option. And yet we have these completely unapproved emailed being sent out to thousands. Any possible causes and solutions?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on February 13, 2024 05:43 (last edited on February 13, 2024 05:44)

Isn't it possible that there is some marketing automation in place? Which was triggered by the contact group change and there is a send marketing email step in that automation? We do not know your setup nor configuration so it is really impossible to give you any exact answer.
Would it be possible to provide us with details - configuration, setup and steps leading to reproduce the issue using an out of the box Kentico installation?

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