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Alena Mikhalchanka asked on March 18, 2016 13:48

Hi, everybody! Our partner wants from us to realize sending emails using LOTUS.Is it possible in KenticoCMS 8.2? If Yes, how is it possible? Help, please.

Thank You in advanced,

Alena M.

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Trevor Fayas answered on March 18, 2016 14:39

If lotus is just an SMTP server (i'm not totally familiar with it), you can just set the Lotus SMTP settings up for your Email. Kentico takes an SMTP address, username and password and uses it to send emails out.

Also programatically you can send emails "from" anyone, so if you just want the emails to show they came from their email account that's in Lotus, you can just set the From address to their email.

If the above doesn't help you and i'm totally off the mark, and Lotus now has some form of API to send emails through, you can use a Custom Loader Module and catch the global for emails and perform the code needed. I don't necessarily see a specific email event to hook into, so you may need to use the generic Object.Insert event and detect email object updates.

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Virgil Carroll answered on March 18, 2016 16:10


I am assuming your customer wants to not only send the email but also capture the conversation inside of their Lotus system itself? If so, then I would recommend looking at the 2nd way Trevor recommended of capturing the email send and doing something custom with the Lotus APIs.

Also I would highly recommend you store some kind of audit trail of the information you pass to Lotus to create a backup if there is an issue with the connection. You could store in the event log or custom table (recommended) and access that if the API push has issues. Many people forget something like this and just do the API connection, which sometimes fail and the information is lost.

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