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somen ghosh asked on May 18, 2017 10:55

I want to show the email queue for hr role.but unable to perform the task.I have changed the settings for email configuration and checked all checkboxes for email queue,sent email and send mail. Please help me how to do this?

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Roman Hutnyk answered on May 18, 2017 13:10

What version of Kentico are you using? I'm not sure about Kentico 10, but all previous version have that page locked for anyone other than admin on the code level. The workaround I've used to solve the same problem is copying that page and changing it inheritance to CMSPage or so.

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 18, 2017 15:33

This features is not available as of v10. You'd have to do as Roman suggests and clone the module pages and change the inheritance and set permissions in your own module then create UI pieces for it.

Vote for the feature here: http://ideas.kentico.com/forums/239189-kentico-product-ideas/suggestions/13176255-add-role-permission-to-access-email-queue

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on May 18, 2017 16:36 (last edited on May 18, 2017 16:39)

Here is my 2 cents: The idea is to create a page and drop a widget there, but you need to configure widget permissions.

  • Go to Widgets\Email queue\Security
  • Change Global Admin only to Authorized roles and pick roles below
  • Check option This widget can be used in editor zones
  • Go and create your a new page with new page template and add new zone call it ZoneWidget
  • In Design go to ZoneWidget/Configure (Setting up widget zones on pages) and set Widget zone type to customization by page editor
  • Now you can add emailqueue widget to your zone.

P.S. I haven't tested it with different roles/permissions, but give it a try.

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Bryan Soltis answered on May 19, 2017 16:32

I think the easiest solution would be to make a custom report to show the queue.

Report query:

  [EmailSubject] AS 'Subject'
  ,[EmailTo] AS 'To'
  ,[EmailPriority] AS 'Priority'
  ,[EmailLastSendAttempt] AS 'Last send attempt'
  ,[EmailLastSendResult] AS 'Error Message'
  FROM [CMS_Email]

That way you can easily show what's in the queue, and set permissions on the report. You can even add the report to a page easily and set permissions on that.

  • Bryan
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