Editable Images With MasterPage And ASPX+PORTAL PAGE

jack Ryder asked on May 23, 2014 04:57

hello Everyone I have issue with Editable Image Webpart. Steps Which I following to Use EditableImage Create aspx+portal Masterpage named abc.master 1)I have Set Editable Image In Master Page above at Placeholder in <cms:CMSPagePlaceholder ID="plc" runat="server"> </cms:CMSPagePlaceholder> set default image from desk for master page abc.master
2)Now make one template using masterpage abc.master and named it xyz.aspx and register to system

3)Now create one page at root level named it 123.aspx

4)and in that i am inherit all the design but can't find image there is no image.....

so question is how to set global image in master page and use in all the content page. I see all the solutin on devnet but it can't work or may be i can't understand solution method... so any one can help me to sort out this problem..

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Ashish Narnoli answered on May 26, 2014 07:08

Hi Jack,

Could you please try to set Inherit Content property to Inherit Only Master page in your Sub-page Template under General Tab.

Image Text

Best Regards! Ashish Narnoli

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