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Jon Tetzlaff asked on October 16, 2015 16:44

Is there a way to configure an email to send out to a user that has ordered from your site? I see you can send an order confirmation to what looks like an administrator in the settings, but can't seem to find a way to send the user an order confirmation email with the details of their order.

While on emails, how do you change the email templates used for registration on your site? I've been in the email templates application and see you can create templates for specific emails, but how do you actually use them?


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David te Kloese answered on October 16, 2015 22:31


This should work, could check the following settings:

Ecommerce module:

  • Store Configuration > Store settings > Emails > check : Send order notification

Also check the general site settings:

  • Settings > E-commerce > Emails

If you go into the Email templates module and search for "E-commerce" you'll see multiple templates used by the E-commerce module. For example:

'E-commerce - Order notification to customer'

Hope this helps you!



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Jon Tetzlaff answered on October 19, 2015 15:06

Hey David,

Thanks for the response. I swear I tried having an order notification go out, but it only goes to administrators and not the user, which I highlight in my initial question. Also, when in the email templates application (do mean to say application instead of module?) the only thing I see is an option to set the Email Type to E-commerce. That does expose order details, which I am looking for, but need to be able to actually send that email to a user when they complete an order.


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Josef Dvorak answered on November 4, 2015 14:59 (last edited on November 5, 2015 11:38)

Hello Jon,

Can you please check that this setting is set to a email address in correct format?

E-commerce -> Store configuration -> Emails -> Send e-commerce emails from

This is the sender which is shown in the Customer's email, so it needs to be filled in and in correct email format.



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anand kamane answered on August 3, 2018 09:26

HI David te Kloese and Josef Dvorak, Can we attach a pdf(invoice) to this eCommerce emails?

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