Duplicating content between multisites

Ahmed Dirie asked on July 14, 2015 22:22


I'm trying to copy a Page from one multisite to the other. I see the list of the multisites available when I chose the copy option, however I don't have the option of copying to the other language of a site. For example;

Site 1: English, French

Site 2: English

What I am trying to achieve is copying an English page from Site 2 to the French section of Site 1. Is this a possibility and how can this be achieved?



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Brenden Kehren answered on July 14, 2015 22:51

I believe if you're doing a copy like that, its a one to one copy. If you want to make a french page on site 2, then on site 1 select the french culture and copy that page from site 1 to site 2. The other option would be to just copy english to english and then make a localized copy of it on site 2.

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Ahmed Dirie answered on July 14, 2015 23:11

Hi Brenden,

Thanks for the quick response. I want to avoid creating a new culture on Site 2 as it is not needed. But would like that English content from Site 2 to be part of the French culture in Site 1. I think the second option looks to be my only route.

Thanks, Ahmed

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