Duplicate entry issue with On-line form WebPart in 8.1

Divyanshu Gupta asked on January 30, 2015 14:37

Hi! I am facing the issue(duplicate entry) when i refresh the page after submit the form using f5 or ctrl+f5.

I am addressing here the exact situation step by step:
1-I create the form using Form Builder with two controls TextBox(*) and FileUpload,
select "clear form" Option of "After the form is submitted:" property inside Form settings.
2-Implement On-line form web part on a page in blank application.
3-Finally submit the form.

First time its working fine but when i refresh the page , browser is asking for "Confirm Form Resubmission" with Continue and Cancel option. As I click on "Continue" button it Resubmit the form with last entry.

I have tried a lot but not sure what could be the possible reason for resolving this issue.
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 1, 2015 18:34

If you've submitted the form and you press f5 or ctrl+f5 it will post the form back and resubmit your data. This is not a deficiency of Kentico, it would do this for any asp.net application you would use or create.

If you simply want your users to continue to re-enter data then in your form setting redirect them to the current page with the form on it. You could also pass a URL parameter like ?resubmit=true and place another editable text webpart on the page template and set the visibility based on the querystring value. This way you can display a "Thank you for submitting your data. Submit another." type message.

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