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kim gallagher asked on August 1, 2017 20:57

I want to have a very short form that will download an advertised pdf whitepaper when the user enters their name and address.
1. It will need to validate (very simply) that a valid email format and a name have been entered.
2. Unique name and email should be saved to the contacts (DB) in Kentico for use in bulk emailing. 3. The user should be able to download multiple documents throughout the site during the session without re-entering name and email.
4. If the contact already exists, it should not be entered into the database but the user should be able to download. 5. There is no login to the site. This would be any user visiting the site.

This is a very common scenario. Is there something out of the box that will work for this?

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on August 1, 2017 22:31 (last edited on August 1, 2017 22:46)

  1. There is an email form control and you can apply email validation rules.
  2. To validate e-mail uniqueness, you use this technique. To put email in the contacts - you can use form contact mapping. Each form has a contact mapping tab, where you can map you form fields to contact DB.
  3. You can for instance create a page with automatic file download using iframe technique and redirect the form after submit to this page. On this page you can create a JavaScript to store current contact in cookies. Or create a macro to store it in a session. Either way if want to store user info in session or cookies it would require custom macro or custom JavaScript. Not complicated but you need to create one.
  4. if you have saved user info in cookies or via macro. You can set the default values to the form fields, so a user will not enter them again.
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