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Kenny Deblaere asked on June 21, 2016 14:12


I'm looking for a method to publish my DocumentUrlPath in my index. I can't find it in the search fields. Is there a solution to fix this?

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Dawid Jachnik answered on June 21, 2016 14:57


If you want only display it in the results just use

<%# GetSearchValue("DocumentUrlPath") %>

if you want to change the how it's indexing go to

Modules > E-commerce > SKU > Search there you have all avalible system fields for indexing.

But remember that "It is highly recommended not to change default field settings. If you remove or change some of the mandatory fields, smart search module can stop working."

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Trevor Fayas answered on June 21, 2016 14:56

I assume you mean the smart search.

Couple of options:

  1. When you're displaying the Smart Search Result, you should have the Document ID or other values that you can use to get the DocumentUrlPath (so render it in the transformation of the results)
  2. Write a custom Search Index (where you can add your own fields as it indexes), see
  3. You could add a new field to the Page Type, have it save the DocumentUrlPath via a macro by default ( then when your page saves that value is set) and add that field to the index, but it's a huge work around and not really a good option.

Hope those help!

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Kenny Deblaere answered on June 21, 2016 15:09

I've used the Modules > E-commerce > SKU > Search method. I've enabeled DocumentUrlPath as searchable and it did the job!

Thanks for your time and help

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