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Peter Serzo asked on November 3, 2015 19:46

I understand that document type have been renamed page types in the UI - 8.1. However, how do you set up an actual document type like a staff bio, or a publication. Setting the up as page typss does not make sense. Thank you.

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Laura Frese answered on November 3, 2015 19:53

You can create a new page type just like you used to create document types. As mentioned here "Page types are fully customizable – you can add, modify and delete any custom fields. The advantage of using custom page types is that you can define custom structure and store content (data) separately from design." . Instructions on how to create custom page types is here

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Rui Wang answered on November 5, 2015 22:05

Based on your example for staff bio. In Page Types application, you can create a new type called "Staff bio". This type will contain some of these fields:

  • Name - text data type
  • Email - text data type
  • Job Title - text data type
  • Bio - long text

Once you create the page type, you will be able to create page based on the type in the content tree. And the data entry for the staff bio will be done under the form tab as the page type generate a form to allow content editor to enter data.

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